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    Maharashtra State Board Books

    Maharashtra State Board Books, is the most important tool in the school education. The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) frames the syllabus and Maharashtra state board books pdf for the students. With various curriculum amendments and modernization of teaching methodologies, the Maharashtra Board textbooks have undergone several changes to effectuate the learning process of the students.

    Meanwhile, the Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production and Curriculum Research (Balbharti) was set up by the Government of Maharashtra on 27 January 1967 to improve the quality of the MSBSHSE textbooks and make them available at an affordable price.

    To make the Maharashtra state board textbooks available, to each student at a reasonable price, the Balbharti has started providing MSBSHSE textbooks in the form of PDFs for the students up to Maharashtra Board Class 12. With easily accessible textbooks and numerous opportunities, the Maharashtra board is one of the educational boards, which offers students various opportunities while selecting their career paths.

    Here, below in this article we have listed out the Maharashtra board books of Classes 1 to 12. Once they go to the respective class pages, students can access the subject wise Maharashtra board books in Marathi and English.

    Download Maharashtra State Board Textbooks in Marathi and English
    To make these Maharashtra state board books pdf more easily available, here is the complete list of Maharashtra State Board Books PDF that can be downloaded and studied on portable devices, whenever required. Also, the students can get acquainted with the best reference books for Maharashtra board, along with various preparation tips and sample question papers.

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