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    Forgot Password Guidance

    Follow below steps to recover your password​

    1. Go to Homepage of MPSC and click on “Forgot Password” link as shown below



    2. Enter Following details as shown below
    – Username
    – Date of Birth
    – Email Id Or Mobile No.
    Now click on “Submit” button to reset the password or click on “Reset” button to
    reset the fields.



    3. After submitting below message will be displayed and you will receive OTP on your
    registered mail or a message on your registered mobile number as per details

    4. Click on “OK” button to proceed further.

    5. Now you will be redirected to MPSC Homepage.



    6. Enter OTP received on your mail or mobile as shown below.

    7. Click on “Login” button to proceed further.



    8. Now you will ask to change the password. Enter following details as shown below
    – One Time Password (Received on your contact details)
    – New Password
    – Confirm Password

    9. Click on “Change Password” button to change the password. Note your user name
    and password for further reference.


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